Forget Social Media: 20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Invest A Penny On It.

Randall Craig, 108 ideaspace inc.

Too often organizations jump on the Social Media bandwagon, only to find out that it is a waste of time and that viral, community, engagement and ROI are buzzwords at best. Social Media advice is often contradictory, out of date, self-serving and more relevant for companies than Associations. And surely there are better strategic investments that can be made before you even think of starting with Social Media? This contrarian session cuts through the smoke and examines the “fire” behind Social Media. Leave with specific, practical things to do and a list of activities that make no sense at all and should be stopped.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Consider why jumping into Social Media may be the worst marketing decision you ever made – and what you should do about it.
  • Review five key questions before even thinking of a Social Media investment – and seven before-Social-Media-do-ths-first activities.
  • Examine why Likes, Comments, and Shares are over-valued… and a better approach to measurement and ROI.


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