Communication Faux Pas that Kill Efficiency – Pam Paquet, Paquet and Associates

Communications Pam Paquet, Paquet and Associates

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When efficiency lessens or goes right down the toilet, management tends to

look at statistics and rates for explanations.  They turn to the numbers to also find remedies. Unfortunately numbers only describe “where” the problem is and not necessarily “why” it is a problem.

It is only when the numbers are put aside and the focus shifts to people and patterns is it likely to learn “what” and “how” to fix it.  People and their communication problems are the most common reasons for efficiency issues yet they go undetected and unaddressed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the 5 most common efficiency busters
  • Learn 3 steps to address efficiency busters
  • Practice assertiveness and improve communication

  Pam Paquet is a performance management specialist.  Her psychological expertise helps workplaces and people “stop doing what does not work”. She is referred to as the “Dr. Phil of the Workplace” because she understands people and how to modify behaviours.

Pam focuses on communication, accountability and behaviours.  As an organizational therapist she has great insight into the “people side of business” and creates strategies for change. Pam specializes in topics such as conflict, assertiveness, change management.

Pam’s credentials include an MEd and BA in Psychology with a specialization in mediation. She is a master level facilitator registered as a Canadian Speaking Professional. Pam is certified with the Canadian Counselling Association and provides psychological services in a successful private practice.