Warren Weeks

The majority of Canadian executives lack the background, insights and practical skills required to excel in a contentious media interview. This is a huge professional blind spot – not only for these executives’ careers and personal legacies, but also for the organizations they represent. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of journalists are not ‘out to get you’. In fact, most of the mistakes and missteps spokespeople make when dealing with the media are a by-product of treating their interviews like conversations. In this engaging and entertaining presentation, one of Canada’s top media trainers will discuss the risks associated with inadequate media relations skills and provide you with a blueprint for dealing with the media in a more confident and successful manner to serve the best interests of your association, its employees, its members and your career.

Learning Outcomes:

1.Prepare more effectively and strategically for media interviews to achieve more predictable and successful media coverage.

2.Understand and defend your ‘rights’ during a media interview and minimize the journalist’s inherent competitive advantage.

3.Build a reputation as a quotable, memorable and reliable spokespeople that the media will continue to seek out..