Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

Presenter: Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE
Rigsbee Enterprises Inc.

Learn the one secret to end your membership woes forever. Think about this for a moment…what would your organization look like if you didn’t have to worry about:

Losing existing members because their perceived value of what you offer is not great enough; Attracting new members who don’t bother to join because they feel you’re already giving benefits to the entire industry whether they are members or not;
Your staff struggling to attract and retain membership because they simply don’t know how to adequately sell the benefits of membership.

Fortunately, this session will be a core resource for you and your staff to learn exactly how to create your irresistible Membership ROI proposition. In order to do this you must:

All of this, and more, will be covered in Ed Rigsbee’s session in which he will use his new book, The ROI of Membership as the key resource. Learning Outcomes:

Learn why seeing your organization from the eyes of a non-member is crucial. Learn how to calculate, prove and communicate the real-dollar ROI numbers of membership. Learn how to sell the benefits that your organization delivers through its features of membership value proposition. Learn how to turn your current members into member recruitment evangelists.

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