Marion Grobb Finkelstein webcast - guru 200

Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Communication Catalyst, MarionSpeaks (Communication Training & Consulting)

Networking has changed. No longer is it just “press the flesh” – although that’s still an important part. It begins before you even enter the event, and continues long after it’s over. Nothing beats face-to-face encounters to build rapport and forge relationships, and this session focuses on maximizing those networking opportunities.
Best practices, research and proven techniques culminate in this presentation to simplify your life and make networking a breeze.
You’ll get everything you need to: – decrease your stress about networking events (you’ll know exactly what to say and do); – actually welcome future networking opportunities
– make a great first impression, effortlessly; build up useful contacts; et hands-on skills to network to your future.
Learning Outcomes

1. Gracefully end a conversation (without ending the relationship)
2. Easily break the ice with strangers, and build rapport … fast!
3. Know what to do before and after an event to get the most out of it

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