MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM, CHE, President Bobrow Associates, Inc

Economic downturns, the disruptive shift to online bookings, massive travel disruptions, natural disasters and acts of terrorism have all challenged planners and suppliers in the past. Recently added to that mix of forces is the threat from businesses that actively seek to recruit or divert attendees away from official room blocks and into their hotel bookings. Commonly known as “pirates” or “poachers”, these individuals use a range of techniques to approach attendees and obtain their business. The presenter will share best practices and tools to aid meeting professionals in managing and protecting room blocks against poaching activity developed through the Convention Industry Council’s APEX initiative. Attend this session to learn more and understand the resources available so you can take a proactive approach in protecting your organization.
Learning Outcomes

1. Examine the scope of poaching activity around the world and identify areas where piracy is most prevalent
2. Identify tools and resources available to guide you through a room block poaching situation threatening your meeting
3. Utilize proven strategies to protect your room blocks from future piracy attempts

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